The best life coach you’ll ever meet is yourself

Masculism is in Crisis. Masculinity is Adrift. Man’s Kindness needs Curing.

Think like a man – Feel like a boy.”

About the Founder

Divorced from my father and married to my mother, I became an immature boy masquerading as a man – a modern-day Casanova without masculinity. My inherited generational dogma created a hard man with a soft center unable to escape the shell.

As a husband I lived the single life with a wife. I was dying to feel alive, and yet I couldn’t find a right of passage to escape the mind cage of my childhood, continually projecting it into the future, unable to appreciate or find joy in the present moments.

Crushed by self-reflection, I felt trapped in the waiting life. I made an inevitable appointment with myself to break through beyond my pre-existing belief system. I arrived at the realization that I had been my own problem perpetrator.

During painful self reflection, I studied psychology and philosophy and learned to question the commonly held beliefs within my own way of thinking. I immersed myself in the practice of phenomenology and learned to awaken awareness of emotion within my own way of feeling. I learned how to connect with feeling alive and how to positively affect emotional states of mind.

I empower men to unmask their own(ed) psychology within phenomenological modalities; to challenge ingrained beliefs, realign behavior patterns, and affect positive mastery of emotions. Enlightening awareness of the all emergent truths treasured within the heart of our emotional intelligence.

Actuating and affirming commitment to learning how to access healthy feelings affords emotional emancipation from the generational dogmatic genealogy of dysfunctional family environments and institutionalized school systems that teach us what to think about life and not how to feel alive.

My coaching style is experiential and cultured within arts and humanities. My teaching practice constructed within acquired philosophy, experiential phenomenology, basic existential psychology, mindfulness techniques and eastern rituals, all combined within the soma-significance of mindfeelness.