The best life coach you’ll ever meet is yourself

Masculinity Adrift. Masculism in Crisis. One Man’s Kindness needed Curation.

Think like a man – Feel like a boy.”

About the Founder

Born with the name Jonny Rees, I grew up in the sleepy seaside village of Ainsdale in North West England. My childhood was traumatic and isolating. Divorced from my father and married to my mother, I escaped the dysfunctional family shackles at 17, leaving home for the bright lights of London with a new identity, a stage name, Greg Ellis.

As my professional successes accumulated, my personal integrity was wanting. I became an immature boy masquerading as a man. A modern-day Casanova without masculinity. My inherited generational dogma created a hard man with a soft boy at the core, unable to escape the unfeeling shell.

As a husband I lived the single life with a wife. I was dying to feel alive, and yet I couldn’t find a right of passage to escape the trauma of my childhood, continually projecting it into the future, unable to appreciate or find joy in the present moments.

I felt trapped in the waiting life. I arrived at the painful realization that I had been my own problem perpetrator for much of my life and committed to improve and evolve my perceptual awareness to affectively re-wire my cognitive to break through beyond my pre-existing belief system.

After personal tragedy in 2015, I took a three year sabbatical from the entertainment business and studied the psychology of shame and vulnerability, existential philosophy and the phenomenology of feelings. I learned how to challenge my ingrained beliefs, re-align my behavior patterns, regulate my emotions and committed to access healthy feelings.

I created ReesisPositive to help men affect positive changes in their lived experiences utilizing pre-existing psychobiology practices infused with phenomenological modalities  cultured within the arts and humanities of my professional experiences in the world of entertainment.

I call my method Alive Coaching and encourage men to innovate new and wiser life practices, with freedom to express authenticity without apology and empower a positive perception of the self-image.

By curating our consciousness to learn how to think like men and feel like boys we can rekindle the collective conversation of what it means to be man enough. To meet and exceed our limitations and extend our presence in the world to become more beloved within our Being alive.